How can I support the church in Egypt?

Donations for various ministry projects integral to the mission of the Synod of the Nile in Egypt can be supported through designated donations through the Presbyterian Mission Agency.  The following projects may be supported using the links below or their designated account numbers:

  • Give to The Synod of the Nile, Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Egypt - The Synod of the Nile Evangelical (Presbyterian) Church is the minority of the Christian minority. Around 90% of the population is Muslim with the remaining 10% population of Christians mostly Coptic Orthodox. American Presbyterian missionaries began their ministry in Assiut, Upper Egypt in 1854. Much of the Evangelical Church’s strength and reputation has grown from the schools and hospitals founded by the early church workers of the American Mission in Egypt. The Church has significant outreach and evangelism programs that focus on new church development and on church redevelopment particularly in rural and urban settings.  #E052081
  • Give to Coptic Evangelical Organization For Social Services (CEOSS), Egypt - CEOSS implements a variety of preventive health programs and curative medical activities that target the priority health needs and education of poor urban and rural populations, especially women and children, in Egypt.  #E862608
  • Give to Growing the Church in Egypt - The revolutionary events that began in Egypt in 2011, brought rapid and deep change to society, including unprecedented openness to the church’s role in society. Yet, due to the limited capacity of the Church (of all denominations), more than 70% of Egyptian Christians do not have access to a church. The Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Egypt (founded by Presbyterian missionaries in the mid-19th century) is seizing this opportunity to expand its outreach ministries to all segments of society. The EPCE is currently planting more than 66 new church developments in new cities throughout the country, as well as villages and remote areas. Likewise, the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo is actively training pastors to serve in churches throughout the Arab World.

    This project supports these outreach ministries of the church in Egypt. Donations to this ECO will also help Presbyterian World Mission send mission workers who are committed to equipping and growing the Christian Church in Egypt.  #E052179-1

  • Give to Beit El-Salam Conference Center, Alexandria, Egypt "Meeting Christ By The Seashore" - A major ministry of the Synod of the Nile is carried out at Beit El-Salam Conference Center at Agamy, on Alexandria’s Mediterranean coast, where more than 12,000 persons “encounter Christ by the seashore: each year. It was started as a work camp fifty years ago on the remote outskirts of this legendary coastal city and became a legend in itself. Former Moderator Jack Rogers was among the early campers’ group of Egyptian and American youth in 1955 when he was discerning his call after graduating from college. Since that time, hundreds of campers became leaders not only in the Egyptian church and society but also in the world church. The facility itself has miraculously grown, but is in need of further expansion.The vision is to expand it not only to accommodate the demand but also to embrace new opportunities for Christian witness in that land and region. The space is available and time is opportune, but funds are needed. You are invited to be a new “work camper” for expanding not only the facility but also the circle of witness from the center out.  #E052800

  • Give to Care With Love: Training Providers For Home Health Care - Care With Love is a training program for home health care providers. It is now becoming an NGO for training and employment of all kinds of caregivers. Together with the Friends of the Children with Cancer (FCC), a halfway house for children with cancer will be set on a farm outside Cairo (away from the pollution) where the children from underprivileged families will be taken care of in between treatment to boost their nutrition while providing respite for their mothers and other siblings. The mothers will be educated about proper nutrition and hygiene and will participate in income-generating projects during their stay.  #E051657

  • Give to The Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo (ETSC), Student Scholarship Fund - The Evangelical Theological Seminary at Cairo prepares, equips and trains pastors, ministers and leaders of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and other churches in Egypt, the Middle East and Arabic speaking communities abroad. ETSC has an enrollment of more than 330 students in its Cairo, Alexandria and Minia campuses in full and part-time Bachelor and Master of Arts in Theology programs. This fund offsets costs to provide all qualified students a quality theological education.  #E051809

  • Give to The Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo (ETSC) Special Projects - The Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo enrolls more than 330 students at campuses in Cairo, Alexandria and Minia in full-time Master of Divinity (MDiv) and part-time Master of Arts in Theology (MAT), Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL), and Master of Theology (ThM) programs. Gifts to this fund may be designated for the library, current capital improvement projects, distance learning, computer upgrades, continuing education for pastors, emergency funds, summer internships or other approved projects.  #E862376

  • Give to Tanta Hospital, Synod of the Nile - The American Hospital at Tanta, in Egypt, provides a range of health services, including opthalmolic surgery. Funds are needed to subsidize care for patients who cannot afford to pay and to purchase equipment, including that needed for retinal surgery.  #E862603

  • Give to Ramses College & Other Synod Schools - These schools are under the direction of the Synod of the Nile and are in need of support for the ongoing costs of operation.  #E865627

Donations may be given online using the links above or by mailing a check to Presbyterian World Mission, PO Box 643700, Pittsburgh, PA 15264-3700.  Please make checks payable to Presbyterian Church (USA) and include the ECO account number (noted above, such as #E865627) in the memo line of your check.  Thanks for your support!